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Leicester Belgrave Road and the GNR spur

The Iron Ore Branches

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Great Northern Railway and London & North Western Railway Joint Line from Market Harborough to Bottesford and Saxondale via Melton Mowbray

GNR spur to Leicester Belgrave Road

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Lowersby station opened on the 15 May 1882, the first station to be opened on the GNR spur to Leicester. The first passenger service from Peterborough to Leicester terminated at Lowersby from the 1 January 1883 until the line into Leicester was completed. When opened the station was called Loseby but was changed in December 1916 to Lowesby. The station closed on the 7 December 1953 but the workmans special lasted until 29 April 1957 apart from a short break in December 1956. The station site is now part of a farm.


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The station opened for goods on 2 July 1883 and remained open until the workman's special was withdrawn in 1957.

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Thurnby & Scraptoft

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The line passes through Ingarsby tunnel (516 yds) between Ingarsby and Thurnby and was opened for goods traffic on 2 October 1882 and passengers on the 2 July 1883. Goods services ceased on 1 June 1964. The site is now occupied by a housing estate.


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The station was built as a high level site near to the bridge on the Leicester - Scraptoft road. The platforms on the west side of the bridge had wooden surfaces, the goods yard and and cattle dock were sited on the east side of the road. Opening for goods traffic on the 2 October 1882 the passenger service followed in 1883. A health clinic now stands on the east site and the west site is the start of a nature trail.

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Leicester Belgrave Road

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The station, built to befit the arrival of the GNR into Leicester, was opened for goods traffic on the 2 October 1882. The site included a warehouse with a four road capacity, four coal sidings and a 10 ton yard crane and weighbridge.

The loco depot was situated on the east of bridge 41 on the south side of the main lines and had a three road shed, coaling stage and a 45' turntable. 

The passenger station had a partially glazed roof of two curved arches covering six platforms. The station had offered on opening a 07:00 excursion to Skegness, local trains to and from Melton Mowbray and four trains to and from Peterborough. The station never reached its full potential and after WWII services were further cut. Normal services lasted until 29 April 1957 and the weekend excursions to the coast lasted until 1962.

To the east of the station a double curve was installed to connect the GNR to the MR but it was blocked in 1908.

The station now now hosts a supermarket and carpark.

Richard Maund - Rail Chronology 



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